Coats and Customs ‘verse by imaginary_golux

Title: Coats and Customs ‘verse
Author: imaginary_golux
Fandom: Hobbit/LotR
Pairing(s):  Thorin/Bilbo, Dwalin/Ori, Gimli/Legolas, Nori/OFC, Aragorn/Arwen, Frodo Baggins/Rose Cotton/Sam Gamgee, OFC/OFC
Rating: Mostly PG-13, a few R scenes for sex
Warnings: AU, First Time, Paranoia, some Gore for fighting scenes

Genre: AU, What If ‘verse,

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The Changed Future series by authoressjean

Title: The Changed Future series
Author: authoressjean
Fandom: Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
Pairing(s):  Bilbo/Thorin, Legolas/Kili, Dwalin/Ori, Fili/Dernwyn (OC), Aragorn/Arwen
Rating: R, just to be safe
Warnings: CWC (Cannon? What Cannon?), Rewrite of all the story, background Het pairings, Battles, Injuires

Genre: AU, Drama, Romance

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Recovery, Redemption and Romance by Moonbeam

Title: Recovery, Redemption and Romance
Author: Moonbeam
Fandom: The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
Pairing(s): Bilbo/Thorin , background Fili/OFC, Kili/Legolas
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, courtship, drama

Genre: AU, drama, action/adventure, BoFA alt ending, courtship, H/C

Word Count: 109,651

Summary:When Thorin is injured in the

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Your Whole Body Series by freakylemurcat

Title: Your Whole Body Series
Author: freakylemurcat
Fandom:  Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Pairing(s): Thorin/Bilbo mainly,  later scene of Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  Body modification (aka piercings & tattoos), cultural differences between Hobbits and Dwarfs, threesome in one part, some kink exploration also


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Just Beyond the Reach by Aate

Title: Just Beyond the Reach
Author: Aate
Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Rating: Mature
Genre: AU, Romance, Drama, First Time, Courting
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Content, Blood
Word Count: 47,783

Summary: Thorin wishes to protect Bilbo, but Bilbo can take care of himself just fine, thank you very

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Adventures: Hazardous to One’s Marital Status by Starkindler

Title: Adventures: Hazardous to One’s Marital Status
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
Pairing(s): Bilbo/Thorin
Rating: PG-13

Warnings: discussions of future mpreg

Genre: Pre-slash, courtship, romance, talk of future mpreg, drama, AU (no Smaug attack)

Word Count: 24,571

Summary: When his

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The Oak and The Ash by sunryder

Title: The Oak and The Ash
Author: sunryder
Fandom: The Hobbit/LotR/Sentinel Fusion
Pairing(s): Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Rating: R (violence, nudity, language)
Warnings: Timeline What Timeline?, Sentinels & Guides are known, Alternate Universe, Sentinel!Thorin, Guide!Bilbo, Sentinel/Guide Bonding

Genre:  Sentinel Fusion, Action/Adventure, Bonding, Romance,

Word Count:

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