all maps welcome by Siria

Title:  all maps welcome
Author:  Siria
Fandom:  Welcome to Night Vale
Pairing:  Cecil/Carlos
Rating:  PG-13-ish
Warnings: Elements of dub!con, but probably not (and that only makes sense if you know Night Vale)
Genre: Romance (maybe), Horror (maybe), Mind!F*ck (for sure)
Word Count: 2,714


It’s indisputable that Night Vale exists.

Why You Should Read This:

Siria has an extensive list of beautifully written SGA fic, so I gave this a try.

Okay, my bookmark says “this probably only makes sense if you know Night Vale”…  I’ve been lured into Welcome to Night Vale and haven’t gotten through all the episodes but this is a perfect representation of the… oddness, shall we say… that is Night Vale.

Carlos keeps trying to be a scientist but he’s not quite sure what he’s studying. Or if anyone cares.

Just don’t look too long at the hooded figures in the dog park.

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  1. Thanks for this. I am in love with Night Vale.

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