It Takes a Village by Hypocorismm

Title:  It Takes a Village
Author:  Hypocorismm
Fandom:  Teen Wolf
Pairing:  Derek/Stiles
Rating:  R
Warnings:  MPreg, threats to a minor child
Genre: Romance, minor angst
Word Count:  49,227


Stiles’s used to yogurt handprints on his shirts from where he picked her up, and he’s used to snot on his shoulders and neck from where she cried after a bad dream. He’s used to her legendary tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, her eyes glowing ferocious gold. He’s used to being the village it takes to raise her, and the pack she longs for.

Except, he needs the pack’s help, and Derek’s protection when a particularly power-hungry pack wants his cub. And he isn’t used to sharing.

Why You Should Read This:

Wolf cubs! Okay, cub… but an adorably cute cub. One would assume Stiles and Derek will only have a beautiful baby!

After essentially a one-night stand, Derek tells Stiles he’s not pack and Stiles takes it to heart and runs away to Seattle, Washington. Of course, Stiles is pregnant and has his baby while alone.

A pack in Seattle threatens to take the baby and so Stiles does the most intelligent thing he’s done in a while, and runs home to Beacon Hills.

Of course everyone rallies around Stiles, tells both our boyz how stupid they are and do their best to push them together. Derek doesn’t bring out his words until it’s almost too late.

It’s just a nice fic and a good read.


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