The Wolf Pack by Nancy

Title: The Wolf Pack
Author: Nancy
Fandom: NCIS/JAG/CSI: New York/Criminal Minds
Summary: After Stan leaves NCIS, Gibbs decides it’s time to close ranks and put together his team for good.
Genres: AU, Slash, Werewolves
Rating: Very heavy R with moments of Xrated stuff.
Warnings: sex, violence, tony-owies, bad language, and the eventual death of a canon character that we all wanted dead anyway.

Why You Should Read This:

What would it be like if the whole NCIS team that we know and love were werewolves? Gibbs is Alpha, no doubt, but who is his second? And what happens when you add new people? Or even someone who never learned that they were Were, and now needs the lessons desperately?

This is a series that covers several different shows. Be prepared

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