It Sounds Uncommon Nonsense by Sumokoala

Title:  It Sounds Uncommon Nonsense
Author:  Sumokoala
Fandom:  Criminal Minds, Psych  crossover
Pairing:  Hotch/Reid, Shawn Spenser/Carlton Lassiter
Rating:  Mature
Warnings: Non-explicit description of  victims of a serial killer
Genre: Crossover, Action/Adventure, Romance
Word Count: 24,569


The BAU is called out to Santa Barbara on a case where Spencer Reid

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The Wolf Pack by Nancy

Title: The Wolf Pack
Author: Nancy
Fandom: NCIS/JAG/CSI: New York/Criminal Minds
Summary: After Stan leaves NCIS, Gibbs decides it’s time to close ranks and put together his team for good.
Genres: AU, Slash, Werewolves
Rating: Very heavy R with moments of Xrated stuff.
Warnings: sex, violence, tony-owies, bad language, and

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The Expansion of Two Natures by Innerslytherin and Severity_softly

Title: The Expansion of Two Natures
Authors: Innerslytherin and Severity_softly
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Length: 78,000
Pairing: Hotch/Rossi

Summary: When Aaron Hotchner is new to the BAU, he finds himself working closely with SSA David Rossi–one of the original founders of the department. As their

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