The Real Life by DeeperDreams

Title: The Real Life
Author: DeeperDreams
Fandom: Inception
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R (language, violence, homicide)
Genre: Romance, Future Fic, Domestic, First Time
Word Count: 41k

Summary: Domestic Verse. Arthur and Eames’ life together outside of dreamsharing. Rated for language, slash but no smut.

Why You Should Read This: It’s charming and real. I’m supposed to be writing on my NaNo and I get sucked in by a fic. I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. I enjoy the complexity of the characters, the plot, and most importantly the epic failure of their dates. It’s wonderful read. I almost cried. And I might have clapped a little in glee at the end. Read it. If you dig Arthur and Eames as much as I do you won’t be disappointed.

Keira Marcos

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