To Have and To Hold by ru_salki99

Title:  To Have and To Hold == updated link here
Author: ru_salki99
Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Sap 😉
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 21,877

Summary: The IOA decide that because Rodney has never been in a successful long term relationship while on Atlantis, that he lacks certain leadership skills. John however, can’t bear the thought of Rodney leaving, so comes up with a cunning plan.

Why You Should Read This:

It’s sappy and romantic and clichéd and just fun. The story is just what it says in the summary. It’s a ‘beach read’ — something light to read if you’re writing NaNo at the moment and need a break.

Right up front the IOA gets to be the bad guy by sending Keller back to Earth and then, in an obviously monumental moment of stupidity,  threatening Rodney’s job because he’s not in a personal relationship. John really doesn’t think more than 30 seconds before offering himself up as a ‘sacrifice’ to keep Rodney on Atlantis.

Then it’s John’s turn to realize, and I’m not giving anything away here, that he really is in love with Rodney. It’s a series of events and living together that lets John come to the realization how much Rodney really means to him.


ETA: Dec 2013 – evidently author has changed/deleted her account on AO3….  updated link goes to the story on a LJ account


  1. Story doesn’t exist anymore 🙁 Is now a broken link.

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