That Ain’t Working, That’s The Way You Do It by dapperyklutz

Title: That Ain’t Working, That’s The Way You Do It
Author: dapperyklutz
Fandom: Kingsman: the Secret Service
Relationship(s): Harry Hart/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin
Rating: T
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, slow-Build, BAMF
Word Count: 22,732

Summary: Eggsy mother hens Harry, not the the other way around. Harry gets into trouble to see how much many ulcers Eggsy can develop in one mission and Merlin just goes “now you know how I feel” and Eggsy is just HARRY NO HARRY STOP FUCKS SAKE HARRY WHERE IS YOUR CHILL.

Why You Should Read This: So first off the Warning, there is Torture in this, so if that is not your thing you might want to stay clear.

this is great, this is a fix it story where Eggsy is over protective of Harry and it bugs harry like made, but it is also Angsty because someone is out to get Harry and get’s Eggsy instead. you know the old saying right, you have no idea what you have until it is gone, well this fic gives you that and move.

a must read for any Kingsman fan

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