As Fate Would Have it by midnightsurge

Title: As Fate Would Have it
Author: midnightsurge
Fandom: Kingsman: the Secret Service
Relationship(s): Harry Hart/Gary “Eggsy” Unwiny
Rating: M
Genre: AU, Crossover, Angst, Slow Build
Word Count: 45,696

Summary: The young man smiled brightly again, turning to face him slightly as they walked outside. “M’name’s Eggsy. Eggsy Unwin.”

Harry suddenly stopped in his tracks. He knew that name.

Eggsy turned to face him expectantly once he’d realised the other was no longer walking next to him.

“I think you knew me dad, righ’?”


Eggsy never joined Kingsman. Instead, he finished his Marines training and was recruited by MI6. Harry and Eggsy meet for the first time in over seventeen years at Imperial College.

Why You Should Read This: This is a great story of what would have happend in the kingman moviem is instead of eggsy being part of the Kingsman, was a member of the MI6 instead, the slow build realationship between Harry and Eggsy is cute and the overall is just a great story to get lost within

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