Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin) by xxjinchuurikixx

Title: Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin)
Author: xxjinchuurikixx
Fandom: Kingsman: the Secret Service
Relationship(s): Harry Hart/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin
Rating: M
Genre: Angst, PTSD, Domestic Fluff, pining
Word Count: 101,943

Summary: Harry–“Eggsy breaks off, because, god, Harry’s here! He’s alive, breathing, beautiful, and he’s got Eggsy crushed in his arms and the younger boy can feel his mouth tingling from the roughness of his kiss.
Then Harry pulls back; more-so he shoves Eggsy away. He keeps him pinned to the wall, at arms length, and Eggsy is pleased to see the older man is panting, stray chocolate hairs fallen out of place. The action, however, makes his blood feel cold, and he stares up at Harry in confusion, expecting something more. But Harry makes no move to close the space between them again.
When Harry speaks, finally, it’s low and deadly and it fucking hurts.
“Forget that ever happened.”



**In which Harry Hart returns to confuse the shit out of Eggsy, and make his life a bit of rough.**

Why You Should Read This: So first off the Warnings, people please read the tags, however there is mention of Mentions of Forced Prostitution and Past Rape/Non-con, so please be warned and be careful if this is a trigger for yourself.

Harry is an Utter Bastard is this, eggsy is so hurt and confused, it is very hard to try and give this story justice. there are parts where you just want to kill harry for being a complete idiotic Bastard, and other parts where your heart is torn from you and it all you can do not to sob so hard.

a great read and very emotional.

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