Smoke by esama

Title: Smoke
Author: esama
Fandom:Kingsman: The Secret Service/Sherlock (TV)
Pairing(s): Mycroft Holmes/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: R for violence
Warnings: AU/Fusion, Crossover Pairings, Post V-Day, Smoking,POV Mycroft Holmes, Vaping, Conspiracy, BAMF Eggsy, Shotgunning, background Het pairing

Genre: AU/Fusion, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence

Word Count: 48,420

Summary: For Mycroft, the most jarring thing about V-day isn’t that it happened. It’s that he did not see it coming.

Why You Should Read This:  This is an awesome read of what happens after V-day is done.  It goes through the repercussions of who died from Mycroft’s POV and what happens in a general sense to other countries with focus on the UK.  The Mycroft that is described here is what I picture the Mycroft of the BBC!Sherlock to be like.  Its a romance fic between Eggsy and Mycroft with Mycroft not exactly sure about who Eggsy is at first/where his power comes from.  Its a bit violent at parts, but nothing worse than what was shown in the movie itself.  Without spoiling the whole thing, Sherlock gets fooled by Eggsy and John can’t believe what he saw.

One Comment:

  1. Wow this is amazing crossover! The writer does an incredible job capturing Mycroft and Eggsy honestly! Wishing this author writes more in this universe because it’s hot, sexy and works soooo well!

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