How to Bond with your Cat (Q) by Only_1_Truth

Title: How to Bond with your Cat (Q) of Three’s Company
Author: Only_1_Truth
Fandom:  James Bond, Skyfall
Relationship(s): James Bond/Q
Rating: Teens
Genre: Drama, Romance, AU,  Pining, Shape shifter,
Warning: None
Word Count: 11479


Everyone comes into their Gifts between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, but since Q’s family is made up of late-bloomers, Q doesn’t expect to find out what his abilities are for at least a few more years.

Those plans go out the window when Q suddenly opens his eyes to realize that he’s got whiskers, a tail, and is about the size of a loaf of bread – and that he’s somehow wandered out into the middle of the street that way. Thankfully, someone notices the traumatized cat before any vehicular trauma can occur…


Why You Should Read This:

This is an AU where James and Q meet at university in a world where everyone comes into a power or ‘gift’.  I love it! The opening scene is  amazing; so well written and original that sucks you right in.  Plus Q’s gift is shape shifting into a cat (more like a kitten) and is taken under the wings of James and Alec as they go through their training as spies. Can’t wait to see more in this series.

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