Three Marks by sanam

Title: Three Marks
Author: sanam
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Derek/Stiles, others
Rating: Mature
Genre: First Time, AU, Soulmate Bond, Romantic,
Word Count: 113736
Warnings: N/A

Summary: “And then there was pain again, but this time it was in only three places—his arm, below his clavicle, and next to his heart, all on the left side. It felt like the skin was being sliced apart, ripped open, flayed off—
And suddenly it was done.
Derek looked across the room and saw the boy on the floor, looking about as bad as Derek felt.”

Derek and Stiles learn that bonding is probably best done with ridiculous amounts of video games and maybe a little bit of time.

Why You Should Read This: I’ve seen only the odd Teen Wolf episode but I have completely fallen in love with Derek and Stiles. After the initial explosion, the relationship unfolds slowly in front of the reader in a very sweet but organic way. I like the family relationships and the high school friendships. It’s a great, long read and I highly recommend it especially for the Stiles’ sass.

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