Of an Arcane Binding by Saliva_G

Title: Of an Arcane Binding
Author:  Salvia_G
Fandom:  The Hobbit
Pairing:  Thorin/Bilbo
Rating:  R (just to be safe, closer to PG-13)
Warnings: Angsty
Genre: romance, supernatural, AU, time travel
Word Count:  44888


An inexplicable magic ties Bilbo Baggins, hobbit of the Shire, to Thorin, dwarven prince of Erebor.

Why You Should Read This:

This is The Time Traveler’s Wife in The Hobbit version. I loved it. It was fairly well written. I liked how the characters of Thorin and Bilbo progressed from care-free younglings to battle-harden, angsty and world-weary individuals. Well, you know what I mean.

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