Fill Our Mouths With Cinammon Now by lbmisscharlie

Title: FIll Our Mouths With Cinammon
Author:  Ibmisscharlie
Fandom:  BBC Sherlock
Pairing:  John/Sherlock
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: Angst, dubious parenting, child endangerment, descriptions of violence

Genre: kid fic, romance

Word Count:  114,348

Summary:When Sherlock invited John to live with him in 221B, he forgot to mention he was a single father to a four-year-old girl.

Why You Should Read This: Sherlock has a girl kid. It’s awesome to see here how he handles having a child. He’s not a toddler child about having her. He loves her and John comes to love her. And then they start falling for each other. It’s really well written to see how this story progresses. It’s part of an ongoing series here. The other two in the series is just short fills though. This one is the main part of the story. Enjoy!

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