Monroe’s Fairytale Halfway House by mrsvc

Title: Monroe’s Fairytale Halfway House
Author: mrsvc
Fandom: Grimm
Pairing(s): Nick/Monroe, Roddy Geiger/Barry Rabe
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Genres: First Time, Kid Fic, Angst
Word Count: 8,034

Summary: Monroe looks at Nick, with his bright blue eyes and his silly teenage boy hair cut, and he thinks maybe it isn’t so silly, that Barry thought they were together. It should be ridiculous, a Grimm and a Blutbad, and it kind of was, but right now, Monroe saw it as a whole different type of hilarious. It was trying to find every one’s shoes at night when Barry and Roddy left to go out to eat, or slipping a few dollars in Gracie’s pocket before she and Hansen left in the morning. It was Holly curled up on the floor with her head on Nick’s knee waiting for her mom to come pick her up. It was beers at midnight, when the house was quiet, and coffee in the morning when it wasn’t so peaceful.

Why You Should Read This: If you’ve watched through at least the first season of Grimm, you’ll notice a bunch of different kids that are part of the show, like Barry Rabe, the “Bear”, Roddy Geiger, the “Rat”, and Holly, the kidnapped Blutbaden, among others. This fic has a magical feeling where Nick and Monroe basically become in charge of all of the Grimm “strays”, where they’re all staying at Monroe’s house – either overnight or just for the day. And the thing is, it works.

There’s a central theme about “Who cares about our differences – we can do this” that resonates throughout this fic. It’s one of the basic tenants, and (without giving away too much of the plot), this fic is almost more of a “We’re more than just who we are when we’re together”. It gives you a little bit of hope.

Plus, of course, it’s Nick and Monroe, dancing around each other and being the giant dorks that they are. Just the dialogue between the two is enough to love the story, but the plot and how mrsvc tells it is just the icing on the already delectable cake.

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