Lasting Imprint by Fluterbev

Title:  Lasting Imprint
Author:  Fluterbev
Fandom:  The Sentinel
Pairing:  Blair/Jim
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  Slavery, past rape (not terribly explicit)
Genre:  Hurt/Comfort,  Slave!fic, First time, Angst, Alternate Universe
Word Count: 22,227


No one is more surprised than sentinel Jim Ellison when primary imprinting occurs between him and a profoundly damaged guide called Blair Sandburg. Now they have just three days to achieve a final bond through a series of secondary imprintings. If they fail? The guide will be sentenced to a living hell.

Why You Should Read This:

This is a world where Guides are enslaved, taken from their parents in infancy, trained to be utterly subservient to their Sentinels. Jim finds himself having to deal with the damage done to a rogue, a Guide that was not captured until he was an adult, who was then subjected to brutal brainwashing.

This is, given the premise, a strangely gentle story.  I thought it was great.

One Comment:

  1. “Strangely gentle” is probably one of the best descriptions I’ve ever read, and definitely fits this story.

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