Invisible To See by FayJay

Title: Invisible to See
Author: FayJay
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Draco/Justin Finch-Fletchey, Harry/Cho
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, drama, adventure, angst
Warnings: Minor character deaths, off and onscreen torture (nothing worse than what we see in the books, however), and bits of kinky sex (spanking, bondage, very light BDSM play)
Word Count: 95K

Summary: A swashbuckling tale of love, friendship, romance, redemption and vengeance, and of the messy business of coming to terms with the differences between who you are and who other people want you to be. Or, in other word, growing up. It is very, very, very loosely inspired by Pride and Prejudice, among other things.

Why You Should Read It:
Draco’s voice is fantastic; he’s wonderfully in-character: sarcastic, rude, defensive, and a tendency to be a bit mean-spirited, but what do you expect from a reformed Death Eater?  Neville is another character I really rather enjoyed in this, especially his slowly formed friendship with Draco.  This was written prior to the release of The Order of Phoenix, so it discounts everything after Goblet of Fire and I almost guarantee you won’t expect one of the twists to come (the other is somewhat obvious).  It is very much in the style of JK’s earlier work and a believable way the books could have gone.  Harry and Ron’s voices even echo somewhat to Half-Blood Prince, in the manner that Harry is obsessed and Ron believes Draco to be the epitome of all evil.

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