Homicide Love by Copperbadge

Title: Homicide Love
Author: Copperbadge
Fandom: Suits
Pairing(s): Mike Ross/Harvey Specter
Rating: Explicit
Genre: AU (kinda)
Word Count: 5300


Mike has been waiting all his life for someone who understands — but Harvey might care too much to survive.

Sam says: PLEASE note warnings. This story contains acts of serial murder, descriptions of those acts, mentions of rape (not by or of the main characters), cannibalism, and gore. Written to a prompt at the Suits Meme: Basically, Serial Killer Mike? He has access to big bad guys now, what does he do with that? I would love this to be slash, meld this story as you see fit anon. With debts to Dexter, American Psycho, and Hannibal (the books primarily, but the screen media as well).

Why You Should Read This:

Sam has done it again. His grasp on the mind and motivation of any given character is what makes reading his stuff just so… satisfying. I have a thing for serial killer AUs anyway, so it wasn’t difficult to pull me into this one, but I liked Sam’s twist on all of it, and I enjoyed the insight into both Harvey and Mike’s minds. Go and enjoy! But read the warnings!

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  1. Okay, yeah that was dark as fuck. Great rec.

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