Imprint ‘Verse by kehinki

Title: Imprint ‘Verse
Author: kehinki
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing(s): Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Explicit
Genre: AU – Soulmates & Imprinting
Word Count: ~34,000


This isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to Tony, but it’s in the top five.

A story in which Tony and Steve get along just as well as they do when they meet for the first time in the movie, but when they touch, they imprint on each other. This story tells what happens after.

Why You Should Read This:

This is a trope you see all the time in many different fandoms. I enjoyed this one. It didn’t ignore previous relationships, and the fact that the guys didn’t like each other, and that they were superheroes. The author seemed to let things develop naturally instead of forcing them, and I thought it was well done.

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