Fighter by PlaneJane

Title: Fighter
Author: PlaneJane
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval
Warnings:  Violence, Sex Trade, Slave Trade, Criminality, Death, Suicide, Rape, Drug Use
First Time, H/C,  Romance
Word Count:

Summary:  Marcus Aquila is an undercover Metropolitan police officer. His assignment is to infiltrate a slave-trafficking organisation which trades in men, bought and sold to fight in cages, sometimes to the death. When he makes the impulsive decision to intervene during a ‘kill fight’ involving a fierce young fighter called Esca, Marcus inadvertently finds himself the owner of his very own slave. Now Marcus has to find a way to complete his assignment, as well as gaining Esca’s trust, without blowing his cover. The question is, can he do it before the secrets and lies catch up with him, and Marcus loses everything?

Why You Should Read This: Even if you have never heard/seen/read The Eagle of the Ninth or know of this pairing, check out this fanfiction. It needs to be made into its own movie. Gritty, detailed and realistic viewpoint you can not help but have pom poms in your hands, cheering for Marcus as he tries to do the right thing as an undercover cop while slowly realisation his attraction to Esca goes far deeper than lust. Esca, recovered from the gladiator ring, begins climbing an emotional mountain range of feelings yet can he trust the man who saved him? It’s one of stories that I keep going back to each year because it is so awesome!

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