Cry Havoc by LadyBlahBlah

Title:  Cry Havoc
Author:  ladyblahblah
Fandom:  Teen Wolf
Pairing:  Derek/Stiles
Rating:  Nc-17 (for violence as much as the smut)
Warnings: From the author: “It contains scenes that can be read as metaphors for sexual assault, something that I would refer to as non-sexual noncon”  Also: implied character death
Genre: angst, manipulation, hurt/comfort, memory loss,
Word Count:  62,308 (for the 2nd, main part)


In Beacon Hills, the two-year war that’s been raging between werewolves and hunters has begun spilling over onto the civilian population. Meanwhile, in Boston, when the tattoo on Stiles Stilinski’s back is damaged on a late-night hunt he begins to have dreams that lead him across the country, drawn by an inexplicable conviction that he’s needed there. When he discovers that Derek Hale began the war after his mate was killed, Stiles finds himself being offered a strange deal: figure out how to bring the alpha’s mate back, and peace talks can begin.

Why You Should Read This:

The summary is actually for part 2 of a 3 part series. Part 1 is short and sets the stage for the main part. Part 3 is a short series of vignettes both pre and post Cry Havoc.

LadyBlahBlah writes an eerie story. We all know that Stiles is Derek’s mate, so if Stiles is alive, how can he search for Derek’s dead mate?

Stiles is a hunter, in Boston, taken in after his parents had been killed by rogue werewolves. I’m not spoiling things by telling you that Stiles’ memory has been manipulated and figuring out who did it and how it was done is the base of the story.

You can feel the longing that oozes from Derek. He wants to believe but doesn’t know if he can go through the loss again if things don’t work out for him…


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this – I had totally lost track of LadyBlahBlah and her awesomness. What a great read!

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