How Ian Edgerton’s Bad Day Got Better… Eventually by Laura_Trekkie

Title:  How Ian Edgerton’s Bad Day Got Better… Eventually
Author:  Laura_Trekkie
Fandom:  Numb3rs
Pairing:  Ian Edgerton / Don Epps / Colby Granger
Rating:  Oh so very NC-17
Warnings: kinky-ish sex (like that scares you off?)
Genre: pr0n
Word Count:  5,725


An accidental outing leads to recriminations, arguments, sulking and, eventually, make up sex.

Why You Should Read This:

Don and Colby are in a relationship, folk maybe know that. What they don’t know is that Ian makes it a threesome. For all their skills in dissembling, going undercover and interrogating suspects, they don’t always know how to talk to each other.

Oh, heck. It’s essentially PWP. Three hot guys having sex together. What’s not to like?

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