Crimes Against Humanity by seperis

Title: Crimes Against Humanity
Author: seperis
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney, Elizabeth/Teyla, Carson/Laura
Rating: NC-17, no really, NC-17
Word Count: 48,448 plus several side stories
Warnings: If you trigger easily, do not read this.  Dark ‘verse.  Violence, rape (off screen), torture, murder, mutilation, drug abuse, power imbalance, unethical medical experimentation, in fact, unethical pretty much everything
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe, Dark!fic, Action/Adventure


Atlantis was a neutral colony before it became a prison camp, split between the mainland facilities and the ocean bound city itself for the war criminals and those convicted of crimes against humanity. Alcatraz, he’d heard Sheppard drawl when he arrived in the gateroom, manacled and bruised from a scuffle in the Colorado gate room that ended with four injured Marines. Inescapable, or so they said, but Sheppard’s single word reminded him that nothing’s inescapable.

Why You Should Read This:
Okay, it’s a little embarrassing how much I love this one.   I do not generally care for dark!fic.  I like the good guys to be good.  So this is a departure for me.  I LOVE this, even though absolutely everyone in it is a really bad person.  For instance:

During trial, Rodney’s lawyers hadn’t been able to break Zelenka’s testimony that Rodney had already been aware of the dangers of his research and that his test in a populated solar system had been both deliberate and with malice aforethought.

There are reasons for this, though the truth is, Zelenka is pretty close to right. Fifteen hours before the first stage of the testing, Major Samantha Carter was touring the fourth planet after formally opening an inquiry into the deaths of ten of Rodney’s most recently deceased staff.

So really, when he thinks about it, he just can’t see how he’s to blame at all.

These are not nice people.  It may freak you out a little bit, because  if you are like me, you will enjoy them very much.  There is one particular sex scene that both turns me on and makes me wonder if I am really the fairly nice person I think I am.  Yet, in spite of all the murder and violence and blood, it is a very sweet love story.  Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that either.

Please note, this is technically a WIP,  though there is plenty there for you to enjoy.  Checkout the “Crimes Against Humanity” tag and see some of the other stories  in the same ‘Verse by Seperis and others.  The major other story is “A History of Violence”.  

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  1. This is probably one of my all time favorites as well along with the followup stories. I always think of it as SGA meets the Romuleans. Great choice.

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