Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart by orphan_account

Title: Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart
Author: orphan_account
Fandom: Marvel Universe; Iron Man 1, Iron Man 1, and Avengers. Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Tony Stark/Harry Potter, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Remus Lupin/Bruce Banner
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, MPreg, Kid!fic, Drama, Angst, First Time, Action
Word Count: 177588

Summary: With Voldemort defeated and Harry turning seventeen, the elder Weasley boys decide to give him a chance to be a normal teenager for a while; namely, by buying him a ticket to Malibu, California. But of course, Harry Potter can never do anything normally. Especially not once he meets Tony Stark in a club, and begins a holiday romance that leaves him with more than just memories.

Why You Should Read This: Because for some reason in this fic Harry and Tony just fit. Oh it isn’t all puppies and sunshine immediately, as they both spend a few years being boneheads about not being good for each other, but it just works when they are together. The MPreg is mild and only lasts a chapter or two out of thirty six. Most of the plot revolves around these two men learning about each other and fitting into each others lives. It’s hot, witty, well written (I didn’t spot a single typo), and heart warming. You’ll love the way it wraps up.


  1. One of my all time favorites. I’m so glad the author decided to orphan it instead of taking it down.

  2. Wow That was amazing. I didn’t see how it could possibly work but it totally did. I never wanted the story to end. Thanks for the rec.

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