Conflicts of Interest Series by Rageprufrock

Title: Conflicts of Interest
Author: Rageprufrock
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Connor Kent-Luthor/OMC(s) (light, second-hand Lex/Clark)
Rating: I would say very light “R”, part two is site-rated for adult content but its VERY light.
Summary: In which Clark is a not-so-mild-mannered reporter, Lex is a biological fugitive, and someone is mold./In which Metropolis stays weird.
Word Count: Not quite 140K
Warnings: Smart ass children, past trauma, the event of a hate crime in part two, unrequinted teenage angst.
Genre: Alt Universe, Angst, First-Time, Pre-Slash (for part one), Romance

Why You Should Read It:
Part One (Conflicts of Interest) is full of a snarky nine-year-old Connor on the mission to find his Mom.  Who might or might not be Clark Kent.  The relationship between Connor and Lex is awesome and pretty much everyone is a smartass.  Also, introduces Geoffrey.  You could probably choose to skip Part One and go directly to Part Two (Visiting Hours, which takes place when Connor is fifteen-going-on-sixteen) for a remarkable coming-of-age story and the actual slash and romance (which is lacking almost completely in the first part), but if you do so you’ll miss a lot of references and a great chunk of Connor and Geoffrey’s relationship.  I HIGHLY recommend reading the whole thing, if only because I really do approve of smart-ass children.  They make me smile fondly.

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  1. This gem and it’s sequel is also available as a podfic which while the podfic archive is down at the moment due to hackers I am happy to upload and share if desired.

    The podfic is well read and has no tinny background noise or irritating put on voices. Perfect for hanging out the washing.

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