Impure Genius by Mary Sutherland

Title:  Impure Genius
Author:  Mary Sutherland
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes BBC
Pairing:  Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Genre:  Hurt/Comfort
Rating:  NC-17
Length:  21k

Summary:  Being recognized as a detective genius was everything Sherlock had ever wanted, and he’d had no idea how awful it would be.

Warnings:  non-graphic self harm (cutting)/suicide attempts. Please beware of triggers.

Why You Should Read This: This is a fascinating character study of Sherlock. His entire life is constrained by the crushing fear that he is not and never will be good enough, a fear reinforced at University where he discovers how far short he falls of true genius. This is a very different Sherlock from most fanfics as his arrogance is only a thin cover for his fear of possible failure and an endless cycle of self-dissection.  Sherlock’s scathing wit is completely in character, as is John’s pragmatism. Sutherland does a brilliant job of portraying Sherlock’s fall and recovery with John’s help and love. Despite the serious issues, this story ultimately has a happy ending and the developing romance between John and Sherlock is both romantic and satisfying. This is a wonderful story and highly recommended.

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