Clan War by BJ Jones

Title: Clan War
Author: BJ Jones
Fandom: CSI: Miami, CSI, NCIS, The Three Musketeers, The Chronicles of Riddick, Tom Sawyer, Tomb Raider, etc
Pairing: Horatio/Speed, Nick/Warrick, Tony/Gibbs, many side pairings
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 168,071
Genres: Action, Crossover, Angst, AU
Warnings: Adult Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Vampire!AU, metions of Het, Torture,

Summary: You can’t kill someone if they are already dead.

Why You Should Read This: This is the first installment of the Sylum Clan Vampire AU and its amazing. Imagine taking your favorite characters from TV, Movies, Literature, and History itself and making them badass  vampires. Now slash 90% of them and add excellent original plot lines. This is how you get the Sylum Clan.

What You Should Know Before Reading: The Sylum Clan website is password protected. However, the password is easily obtainable by going here. If memory serves, all they care about is that you be over 18.


  1. marie / merrifield

    I love this series, unfortunately updates are few at this time.

  2. Great series! One of the best out there. So many great pairings and characters! And the story lines are fantastic. Not updated as often though.

  3. Man, I remember reading the first 3 parts of that series when I was 16 on slash sity (before that site started having issues and disappeared). I was still pretty naive about the internet so I didn’t want to pretend I was 18 to get the site password for the other parts of her epic series cause I was afraid I’d get put on some list or something (lol I honestly don’t know ^__^;)

    Anyway, f you’re the kind of person who reads like 30 different stories in a week, then the updates (or lack thereof) shouldn’t bother you too much.

  4. I Haven’t started reading this but i hear nothing but good things so its next on my list of must reads. I have like 3-4 must read recs for the CSI fandom.
    1+2) Where You Are by Ms-Maggs
    Summary: Working a brutal case left Greg and Sara shaken until Nick and Grissom intervened. A blend of drama and humor with character backstory and relationship details. G&S, N&G and some team stuff too. CSI w shades of When Harry Met Sally & The Odd Couple comedy. Please do NOT expect overnight character development. This is a 32 chapter story and the characters you meet in Chapter 1, will not be the same people at the end. They’ll develop over time. I like to introduce a character and peel back their layers. I like to write people hiding behind bravado, jokes and brave faces, and as time goes by that’s stripped away and replaced. I enjoy making a character unlikeable or misunderstood and then turning that completely around. There is always much more to my characters than what you see in the beginning)
    Why you should read it: It’s an amazing story with a believable flow that is very real on a level that touches the soul. Its Sequel is just as perfect Sequel:

    3) My Generation by Krysnel Nicavis
    Summary: In a time different from our own Greg must come to terms with something Nick will find extremely interesting. [the Love, GSR, Yo!Bling, minor Wedges
    Author’s Notes: WARN: set in an Alternate Universe where male pregnancy (MPreg) is considered normal, Slash; This fic sometimes takes the situations that have happened in the show into consideration and sometimes disregards them completely.
    Why You Should read it: It pulls you into a world that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Plus its very sweet with a touch of drama that should satisfy any romantic.

    4)Unnatural by Krysnel Nicavis

    Summary: In a world where Naturals are human and Carriers are property, one Carrier in hiding is left to deal with the consequences of a decision made for him shortly after his birth.
    Author’s Notes: WARN: Slash; MPreg; Possible pairings: N/Gr, G/S, C/W, Wn/H. NOTE: this fic is unrelated to any of my other MPreg fics (unless noted in those fics).
    Why You Should Read It: It takes a similar situation in the story listed above and puts a decidedly darker twist to how Mpreg is perceived and accepted (or not) and the author drags you as the reader through this journey of love loss and recovery.

    I should also point out the main pairing in all stories generally stay same Nick/Greg. Hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do! =)

  5. Looks like an interesting
    story but it appears the link to the password is broken. Anyone either know what it is or if the password has been reset?

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