A Life Less Ordinary by PuddleofGoo

Title: A Life Less Ordinary (series) Part 1-9
Author: PuddleofGoo
Series Index: http://puddle-of-goo.livejournal.com/23730.html
Warnings: BDSM
Length: GIANORMOUS (biggest fic I ever read)

Why You Should Read This:

I’ll be frank, I’m very very picky about my kink and about my BDSM. This series seriously and

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Total Recall by ca_pierson and darkmoore

Total Recall by ca_pierson and darkmoore
Genre: AU

Total Recall 1Total Recall 2Total Recall 3Total Recall 4 | Total Recall 5 | Total Recall 6
Summary: John discovers his very distant past and the effects on his current situation ripple out in waves both

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