A Life Less Ordinary by PuddleofGoo

Title: A Life Less Ordinary (series) Part 1-9
Author: PuddleofGoo
Series Index: http://puddle-of-goo.livejournal.com/23730.html
Warnings: BDSM
Length: GIANORMOUS (biggest fic I ever read)

Why You Should Read This:

I’ll be frank, I’m very very picky about my kink and about my BDSM. This series seriously and completely rocks. The subject matter is explored, the relationship feels REAL and true to the characters as they move through into a D/s relationship. John is the perfect Dom in this story– real, possessive (without being completely psycho) and utterly sexy. You can’t go wrong with this fic!

Keira Marcos

Life is short -- read as much as you can.


  1. Dear Keira, I am unsure if you aware that puddleofgoo has updated this fic or not. It is now up to chapter 12. The chapters can be found here on line, in pdf format and with accompanying music at http://puddleofgoofic.wordpress.com/a-life-less-ordinary/

    • I am aware actually. I didn’t recommend the other parts because I didn’t read past a certain point because there was a rape warning on it and I don’t read rape so I can’t honestly say one way or another about the rest of the series. I’m sure it’s great because her work is great but I don’t read rape under any circumstances.

      • I don’t read rape either. It is so not coool. I Will read stories about rape recovery though, which is why I skipped the story with that in it. And went on to the stories that deal with what happens next. I am sure she romanticized it even though they do deal with the trauma (in a way I am not sure i would advocate as safe even in BDSM), but it works in the story and for them. Either way I just wasn’t sure if you were aware… Totally not trying to get you to read something you are uncomfortable with.

  2. This is an almighty fic not only in length but in content. Use the link to download the pdf files –I put it all on my Kindle and 2 months later I’m only on chapter9!

    Fantastic characters,lovely sex scenes, a type of 24-7 bdsm that seems so effortless but probably isn’t.

  3. Does anyone have an updated link to this series? The livejournal is still active, but the later stories aren’t posted there, they link to wordpress, which I get an account deleted message on.

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