Baby Please Don’t Go by Timshel

Title: Baby Please Don’t Go
Author: Timshel
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (BBC ‘Verse)
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Pre-slash, romance, fluff, mild angst
Word Count: 7,000

Summary: John is leaving, and Sherlock needs to figure out why.

Why You Should Read This:
Because it’s charming and romantic and Sherlock is adorable and oblivious and the author actually tagged the fic with “don’t judge me”. It’s just grand and fluffy and so sweet you’ll want to pour yourself a glass of milk before you sit down to read it.

Keira Marcos

Life is short -- read as much as you can.


  1. Help, I tried to get into this fic but I get an access denied, what am I doing wrong? Could you point me to another place I could read it?

    • The post isn’t friends locked as I don’t rec fics that are locked because I find them extremely annoying. I don’t know where else you might pick up the fic–that’s the only link I have and it works for me.

  2. I thought It was strange as I know that for it to be on the list as you say we should be able to access it. I thought I would give it another try and guess what, it worked tonight, hmmmm, very strange, but I will take it 🙂 Thanks!

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