j’veux ton amour, et je m’en fous d’après by Hackthis

Title:  j’veux ton amour, et je m’en fous d’après
Author:  hackthis
Fandom:  Inception
Pairing:  Arthur/Eames
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  This is the fic that got me hooked on this fandom. Witty fluff that rocked.

Why You Should Read This:  Because there is banter!  And Eames’ mother rocked my world.

“Is it really so much to ask that my only child grace my table with his presence on the rare occasion that he happens to be in the country?”

Eames sighs.

“Are you sighing?” his mother demands.

“No, of course not.”

“You always were a terrible liar.”

“I get paid to lie to people, you know.”

“Yes, but they are not your mother.”

Sweet, hot fluff and interfering maternal units.  I loved it.  Enjoy!

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