All the Comforts of Home by Denise Raymond

Title: All the Comforts of Home
Author:  Denise Raymond
Fandom: Due South
Pairing:  Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser
Genre: Romance
Rating:  PG to NC17
Rating:  Author says PG to NC17.
Word Count: Unknown (long-ish)

Summary:  Post COTW futurefic.  When Ray Vecchio’s marriage to Stella starts to crumble, he flies to Canada to see his best friend, Fraser. What he finds there shocks the hell out of him.

Why You Should Read This:  Okay, it’s a well established fact that I have rather a fixation on happy endings and curtain fics.  This is charming, entertaining, and deliciously long.  Better still, it has a sequel, – the sequel has a bit more smut and the very best sort of hurt/comfort.


  1. iadorespike - Anna

    Oh, yeah…this is an excellent rec! I love this fic series. 🙂 Denise Raymond (rattlecatcher on LJ) is a fantastic writer and I love the way she writes Fraser and RayK. Thanks for spreading the love!

  2. Ooo, a dS fic I haven’t read! Thank you so much for the rec, I can’t wait to read!

  3. Awesome post-COTW goodness! Might you have a link to the sequel? (or the title) I couldn’t find it.

  4. The sequel’s title is “Chicago Tales.” I like it better than “All the Comforts of Home” because I don’t think the author treats RayV very fairly in “All the Comforts of Home.” She stereotypes him by using his Catholic upbringing and Italian heritage to make him homophobic and unsupportive toward Fraser and RayK at first, and writes Fraser as childishly hiding his relationship from RayV. RayV is still Fraser’s best friend, but Fraser seems to think the worst of him – and that’s not how I see Fraser at all. I don’t think Fraser is that immature, and he’d think more highly of RayV and tell him about RayK when the relationship first begins, and not think of RayV being homophobic (which he didn’t seem to be on the show; again, the author is just stereotyping him). At least the story does have a happy ending for not just Fraser and RayK, but Fraser and RayV, too, who reach an understanding and renew their close friendship.

    “Chicago Tales” is a much more fair and accurate portrayal of RayV. He is a sweetheart with Fraser and RayK, and also awesome because he gets to save the day. Stella is written positively, too.

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