Busted by anonymous_co

Author:  anonymous_co
Fandom:  Due South
Pairing(s):  Fraser/Kowalski
Rating:  NC17
Genre:  Romance, First Time
Word Count:  Long

Summary:  Ray Kowalski signs himself out of the rehab hospital AMA and escapes to Canada and Fraser.

Why You Should Read This:  (Again, with apologies for the ugly links!) Another deliciously long tale, this one with an extremely damaged Ray Kowalski recovering from the injuries that nearly killed him.  It’s angsty, romantic, a mystery and has a happy ending.  There’s even a sequel “Tapestry


  1. iadorespike - Anna

    You are on a roll! Another excellent rec – love this story (and sequel). Thanks so much!

  2. I love this fic – and the sequel!

  3. This is one of my all-time favorite RayK stories, I love the sequel as well. Its some great h/c and character development. This author is right next to Shedoc for my fave h/c DS fic. I just wish anonymous_co had written a few more stories.

  4. You should mention that Ray Vecchio is a major character in “Tapestry.” RayV fans may want to read “Busted” for that reason before reading “Tapestry,” even if they’re not F/K fans (like me).

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