with bloody feet across the hallowed ground by owlpostagain

Title:  with bloody feet across the hallowed ground
Author:  owlpostagain
Fandom:  Teen Wolf
Pairing:  Derek/Stiles
Rating:  Hard R
Warnings: Violence, Minor character death
Genre: Angst,
Word Count: 29,900


There were no last words. No more pleas, no more screaming. Just the sound of Stiles squeezing the trigger, the explosion of a second shot rocketing out of the revolver, and the hunters bursting through the open doorway just in time to see the bullet slam squarely into the center of Derek’s chest.

Why You Should Read This:

Stiles will – and does – do anything to protect his family. This is a future fic where the Sherriff – and seriously, the man needs a first name – knows about and is wounded in trying to protect the werewolf pack. It’s the tipping point in Stiles’ life that makes him consider, and carry out, some very serious decisions.

The world building here is solid, the story is well crafted and it’s an amazing read.

As you read this, remember: Stiles will do anything to protect his family.

One Comment:

  1. Very cleverly written, well thought out and truly an emotional roller coaster!

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