What Once was Sacred by saltandbyrne

Title:   What Once was Sacred
Author:   saltandbyrne
Fandom:   Supernatural
Pairing:   Dean/Castiel
Rating:  Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Violence & Death
Genre: Detectives, AUs, Romance, Crime, Murder, Fantasy, Nightclubs
Word Count:  55775


Los Angeles detective Dean Winchester works tirelessly to atone for the sins of his father one case at a time. When his best friend Charlie drags him to visit Sam at his new job, Dean stumbles onto a bizarre string of deaths that brings him uncomfortably close to his past.

Dean can’t stop thinking about Castiel, an enigmatic DJ who plays the sexiest music Dean’s ever heard. A chance encounter at Castiel’s house reveals that Castiel is an incubus, and Dean must face the lies and the reality of his childhood as a hunter. Dean comes to see that he and Castiel have more in common than he thought, and that guilt can be the hardest thing to cast aside.

Why You Should Read This:

A fresh take on Dean and Castiel’s budding relationship in a supernatural setting. In this AU Dean doesn’t believe in the supernatural and thinks that his dad is a nut with a hunger for revenge for his dead wife. I can totally picture Dean in law enforcement because  his core nature is to protect innocent and family from the ugly side of life. So it is a hard struggle to align what he believes in to what he discovers and how  that impacts on his attraction/love for Cas. Essentially, it is a very good read.

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