Weight and Motion by Sevenfists

Title:  Weight and Motion

podfic by dodificus

Author:  sevenfists

Fandom:  Firefly, Supernatural

Pairing:  Malcolm Reynolds/Dean Winchester

Word Count:  25000

Genre:   crossover, scifi, horror

Warnings:NC-17,  mild violence, angst

Summary:  (author’s summary)  Crossover Firefly/Supernatural – Post Movie.

Why You Should Read This:  I almost  didn’t read this story because the author’s summary was so vague. But being a crossover junkie I couldn’t pass it up.  Malcolm gains a new crew member in a *very* unexpected way and Dean has to learn to live in a world that he can barely understand.  The sexual tension between these two is fantastic.  But even better is the spot on characterization of the Firefly crew. This Dean is set in some vague point in season 1, so he is still the cocky bold as brass charmer from that time, but tempered by the sudden loss of everything he knew.  The author has created story that switches from Mal’s POV to Dean’s POV in discrete chapters giving you an understanding of how they both feel. This is also the first story in a short series of stories. It is a great read and I love going back to it.

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