Variationson Belief by moonstalker24

Title: Variations on Belief
Author: moonstalker24
Fandom: Teen Wolf, Sons of Anarchy
Relationship(s): Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale, Juice Ortiz/Jax Teller
Rating: NC17 (for violence)
Genre: supernatural creatures, werewolves and others things that go bump in the night, motorcycle gangs
Warnings: violence, off-screen rape, non-graphic character death
Word Count: 166,116


Spin, spin, spin; the world spins on. It doesn’t care about decay, or velocity or whether the trees are green or not. It doesn’t care about fire or the sun. The world just, is. This is what makes it cruel. It is what makes survival difficult.

Change is a difficult thing. It is not solid. It is amorphous and ever-changing and hard to grasp onto. It sneaks through the shadows behind us without our knowledge. Most often, change is unpredictable. Only rarely does it happen apurpose. Even then, change doesn’t fit our molds, it creates its own.

Why You Should Read This:

This fic was a WIP that I started reading from almost the beginning, and the author faithfully gave us a chapter a week for over a year!

Knowing the fic was coming to an end (although there are hints for more, but not just right away), I started re-reading from the beginning and it hangs together even better when it’s read through from start to end. It’s poetic in a way I never can write but enjoyed thoroughly.

If nothing else, I’d be in for BAMF!Stiles and Full-wolf!Peter. But it’s more than that.

All I know about Sons of Anarchy, I learned from this fic. I suspect I don’t want to watch the show or read any other fic, because this no other fic will treat the characters this way… I only have the author’s notes to go by, but she’s fixed some of the holes in SOA canon and, well, she did well enough that I’m sold.

It makes me want to move to Charming.


One Comment:

  1. Same. I fell into this when it was relatively new and the author openly ‘fixes’ several issues with SOA which make me think I’m better off enjoying this version. :). I adore the development of relationships, the Sheriff being a totally believable badass, and the impact of Stiles magic. There is a lot of room for The Continuing Tales of… But its also a satisfying standalone. Stiles and Peter are such a snarky, formidable pair.

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