Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010)

Title: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010)
Author: Sardonic Smiley
Rating: R
Word Count: 6,500
Author Summary: John is the top male figure skater in the world, Rodney is the captain of Canada’s hockey team. They run into each other at the winter Olympics.

Why You Should Read This

Because I said so! No, seriously, because it’s truly awesome and I’m recommending it in honor of the Winter Olympics. It’s super cool and I’ve been calling Rodney “Hot Ass” in my head ever since I read this fic.

Keira Marcos

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  1. Wow, great. I love the ice skating events and I can just see John posing and being a figure skater. lol. Great characterisations in the story, and yay, made of wonderful stuff. Thanks for a great rec.

  2. *blinks*

    Wow, you changed the site again! Very flashy scheme or theme or whatever it’s called.


    I *love* that fic. It’s one of my long time favourites, and you’re absolutely right! I’ll have to go read it again in honour of the Olympics! And, ya know, Rodney’s ass.

  3. This is a unique story and so funny. I loved the whole idea of Rodney as a hockey player and John a figure skater Now every time I watch a competition, I’m going to be wondering what really hot events are occuring in the village. . Thanks so much the rec. Barb

  4. Wow. this is amazing it is so real.

  5. This fic was absolute and utter fluff, and I smiled through the whole thing. Thank you so much for the rec!

    • I always grin the hole time I’m reading it and tend to call McKay “Hot Ass” in my head. I would adore seeing this story told from McKay’s point of view.

  6. I can’t get to that website at all, do you know if there is any other place where I can read this story??? I really want to read it..

    thanks for your help

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