Unconventional Heroism by sardonicsmiley

Title: Unconventional Heroism
Author:  sardonicsmiley
Fandom:  Ironman/Stargate:Atlantis fusion
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating: Mature, there is an epilog that is NC-17
Warnings: Explicit violence
Genre: Action/Adventure,  Romance
Word Count:  27,682


Genius billionaire Rodney McKay has his share of secrets. Investigative reporter John Sheppard is determined to get to the bottom of them. He’d also like to figure out who the hell the man in the metal suit that keeps saving his life is.

Why You Should Read This:

It just works.  I like this version of Rodney a lot, multiple ex-wives and all. John is very believable even if he is non-military, as a reporter who keeps getting into situations that are highly dangerous, and then writing about them. There are bits of humor, great action, a nice plotty story that is only partially stolen from Iron Man, and since it is from John’s POV we get to watch him fall in love.  You will enjoy this.

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