Three Hundred and Sixty-Four by sardonicsmiley

Title:  Three Hundred and Sixty-Four
Author:  sardonicsmiley
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing:  Rodney/Ronon
Rating:  R
Genre:  romance
Warnings:  whump, marriage of convenience
Word Count:  25,580

Summary: This is not the solution that Ronon would have chosen for dealing with the IOA.

Why you should read this:
The IOA in their infinite asshatery decide that no Pegasus Natives should remain on Atlantis.  Rodney decides the easiest way around this is to get Teyla and Ronon married off to people from Earth.  After finding out that Ronon isn’t dating anyone and that he is one of the few people that Ronon trusts, Rodney decides that he will marry Ronon to help him stay on the city he loves.

There’s a slow build up to this as what’s starts as a marriage of convenience gives both men the opportunity to grow closer and realize that they are both more than what they seem.  Side pairing of Teyla/Lorne.

One Comment:

  1. This was great. Never thought of Ronon and Rodney together, but you made it work. Beautiful.

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