To Stop My Mind From Wandering by Lynchy8

TitleTo Stop My Mind From Wandering
Author: Lynchy8
Fandom: Captain America (movies)
Relationship(s): James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Genre: Fix-it, Angst
Word Count: 13825
Warnings:brief mentions of violence and allusions to domestic violence


“Leaving the man – the mission – the mission who was a man who was also important, so important, more important than this mission… which was terrifying because nothing had ever been more important than a mission before… leaving That Man on the banks of the river, had been almost impossible.”

After the fall of Hydra, Steve goes in search of Bucky in the hope of bringing him home. Meanwhile someone has broken into Steve’s D.C. apartment, but what kind of burglar or assassin buys paint and drywall mud?


Why You Should Read This:

I’ve read this story a few times, and only recently decided to rec it. Not for any reason, mainly because this story is, for me, more like a comforting fic to enjoy when I need some good fix-it. Normally I rec big action fics or grand dramas. This is neither, but equally as good.

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