Ties That Bind by unpossible

Title: Ties That Bind
Author: unpossible
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Logan Cale/ Alec McDowell
Genre: Romance, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 ( Mature)
Word Count: 74k

Summary: Logan blinks like he always does when Alec lets slip some sign that he’s more than just a pretty face and a smokin’ hot body.

Why You Should Read This:  This fandom is really small, especially for slash fans, and this story is what it needs more of. It’s about a romance that starts out as a booty-call arrangement but it quickly strays into something a lot more complicated. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking, but the ending is incredible and so hopeful. A must read if you love this pairing. There are some warnings, so please pay attention but the violence and drama is pretty much on par with the show.

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