Things That Change by Eutychides

Title:  Things That Change
Author:  Eutychides
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing:  Harry/Draco
Genre:  Angst, Drama, Future Fic, Kid!Fic, Romance, MPREG
Rating:  NC-17
Length:  90k

Summary: After Hogwarts, everything changes. Published: 2006-02-13

Why You Should Read This: Draco’s voice in this fic is so very, very spot-on despite the crazy circumstances (secretly married to Harry with four children after using an illegal “dark” potion to have a family). Draco is bitter and desperate, obsessed and obsessive, and just as nasty as he was in Hogwarts and yet he is an incredibly sympathetic character trying to figure out where he fits in this post-war world and what Harry and his new family mean to him.  He doesn’t suddenly like Muggles just because they live in a Muggle neighborhood and he doesn’t like Hermione and Ron just because they are Harry’s best friends. But he learns to respect both as he learns to respect himself as he learns to love Harry as he learns to love himself. This is my favorite Harry/Draco mpreg family fic and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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