Throwaways by RaeWhit

Title: Throwaways (work is no longer available online)
Author: RaeWhit
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Severus
: NC-17
Genre: EWE, Drama, Romance
Word Count: 19,020

Summary: Disposable and dispensable…one a villain, one a hero. Severus and Harry share more than they ever would’ve imagined.

Why You Should Read This:

RaeWhit has written some of the ‘classic’ stories in HP fandom and this is among my favorites.

Severus has been sentenced to ten years in Azkaban and, at first, Harry comes to check that he really is in prison — and to gloat. The visits continue and Harry starts by taunting Severus about his lack of freedom or amenities. Then… Harry starts to grow up and pay attention to what is happening and what he is doing. Harry starts to bring small luxuries to make Severus’ incarceration more bearable, spending hours with his former professor and listening to his story.

Long before the ten years are up, Severus longs to give up and die — for even the small amenities Harry brings and the lack of dementors doesn’t alleviate the fact that Severus is in prison. Harry has other plans.

This is a story of growing up, romance, and learning how to live with one’s actions. And about learning how to live life.


  1. How can I get a copy of this story? I’ve seen it recommended several places but can’t find it and it sounds interesting.

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