strive seek find yield by Waldorf

Title: strive seek find yield  – Part 1 of the Spoctoria series; followed by You Are Cordially Invited (written by screamlet) and  The Virgin King
Author: waldorph
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, royalty, long distance relationship, romance
Word Count: 68,199

Summary: Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up–a love story.
Why You Should Read This: It’s an epic regency romance love story. Spock as king of the Federation and James T Kirk as the Prince of America? And lots of hot sex? What’s not to love?

Bonus, if you’re a fan of Keira Marcos and can’t get enough of her stories, this is so her style. Self-sacrificing Jim Kirk, snide Vulcans, improbable Romulans, the crew of the Enterprise and war with the Klingons. And did I mention the hot sex?

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