The World on His Wrist by bendingsignpost

Title:  The World on His Wrist
Author:  bendingsignpost
Fandom: Sherlock Holmnes
Pairing:  Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Genre:  Action Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Pre-Slash, Suspense
Rating:  PG-13
Length: 31k

Summary:   First, he is shot in Afghanistan. Second, he wakes to a phone call in Chelmsford, Essex. Third is pain, fourth is normalcy, fifth is agony and sixth is confusion. By the eighth, he’s lost track. (John-centric AU)

Why You Should Read This: This story is so good, it’s hard to know where to start and I don’t want to give anything away. If you’re a fan of John Watson, you’ll like this. I promise. Just read it. Really. 

John Watson owns two watches. One is analogue, the band leather. The other is digital, a circle of metal around his wrist. Except to shower, he never removes them. There is a system to his watches, to the tan lines at the ends of his sleeves, but a careful observer would say he only wears the one.

A careful observer would be wrong.


  1. this is a great rec, words really can’t explain how fantastic this story is. thanks dievillain!

  2. I’ve read this fic already and love it.

  3. I love this story!
    There is a sequel as well. You can find the series here:

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