The Rat and the Ruby Slippers by indigostohelit

Title:  The Rat and the Ruby Slippers
Author:  indigostohelit
Fandom:  Welcome to Night Vale
Pairing:  Carlos/Cecil
Rating:  Teen
Genre:  paranormal (ish)
Warnings:  Mind control, amnesia
Word Count:  7,119

Summary: Carlos is having the strangest dreams, and the strangest headaches, like there’s something he’s supposed to be remembering. Not to mention the intern’s wedding coming up, and that new chemical StrexCorp wants him to develop. It’s going to be a busy week.

Why you should read this:
Carlos is having the weirdest dreams of someone that he swears he should know.  There are conversations of mirrors, weird pizza toppings, poetry and heart’s desire.  All while Carlos is suffering from a horrible headache and the thought that he has forgotten something important.

Keeps to the tone of the show though people new to the fandom might be a little lost at first but as long as they keep in mind that Night Vale has a X-Files crossed with Twilight Zone vibe to it they should be fine.

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