The Matter of Rules Story Arc by L.M. Griffin

Title: The Matter of Rules Story Arc
Author: L.M. Griffin
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: James Norrington/Jack SParrow
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4 stories and a spin-off
Genre: action, adventure, humor, romance

Norrington faces off with a party, socialite stalkers, and the dread annoying pirate Sparrow. However, as Fate often sees to, things do NOT happen as he plans.

Why You Should Read This:
For one thing, it completely ignores all  the movies aside from “Curse of the Black Pearl”. For the second, this is completely from Norrington’s POV. All Commodore, all the way. But for the last and perfect reason to read this story is that it’s a slow build up to realizations of emotions. Norrington is still the Commodore of the British Navy and yet, the author shows that he is still a man. Jack Sparrow is well… Jack Sparrow. The snark, threats, and occasional solid objects are tossed with ease between the two whenever they meet, yet they are not rigidly constrained within their on screen persona. This is the best, in my opinion, Norrington and Sparrow story I’ve read. I only mourn that the author’s e-mail address doesn’t seem to work.

This is probably the best quote (without giving anything away) in the story:

“Didn’t think a Commodore would know how t’get down a rope without falling on his highly-placed arse.”

“Commodores were all once midshipmen, Captain Sparrow, and I assure you I can probably make it to the top of the rigging before you.” I retort

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