The Hindsight Series by rageprufrock

Title:  The Hindsight Series
Author:  rageprufrock
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis AU
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating:  Mature
Warnings:  Serial child killer is chased and caught with some fairly graphic violence, some of which is committed on a child.
Genre:  Action/Adventure, romance, AU
Word Count: Main story is 23,500


John is an FBI agent because he couldn’t join the Air Force–he’s diabetic.  Rodney is a scientist who has just disabled a car bomb, the gift of a colleague.

Why You Should Read This:

This is completely and utterly Rodney and a somewhat quieter and a little sadderJohn.

Carter ignores him.  He shoves the notepad in John’s face desperately, his eyes wild.  “I asked him if he knew anybody who would want to get rid of him,” Carter babbles, he indicates the two columns of names, scribbled fast and in increasingly bewildered shorthand.  “This is page three,” he finished in a quiet wail.

It’s the story of a love affair, with hilarious parts and sad parts and John tracking a child killer parts. Rodney is, as I mentioned, Rodney.  John considers himself straight, but Rodney entertains and annoys the hell out of him in ways that lead to John deciding he may not be all that straight.  It takes them a while to make the final connection.  At which point Rodney gets sent to Antarctica.

Don’t worry.  I like happy endings.

There are several other stories in the same ‘verse, which take place before the end of the original story.  They are hilarious and kind of sweet.  There is also a “DVD commentary”.

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